Matias Moldes was established in 1996. Quality and Expertise combined with Honesty and Competence in the manufacture of molds are its added values.

Matias Moldes produces molds for several sectors as automobile, electrical, electronics, home appliances and medical industries.

Currently Matias Moldes exports a large part of its production to several countries in Europe and America.

The Mold Industry

The Plastics Molding Industry was born in Mª Grande in 1946 by the hand of Mr. Aníbal H. Abrantes, although before that there was already been manufactured molds for glass in Mª Grande.

A. H. A. was for many years the University of the Molds, forming many entrepreneurs. One of those was the founder of Matias Moldes.

It was in the 1950s that began the exports of molds. It’s initial market was the United States.

Since it’s beginning, the Portuguese Mold Industry main focus was the technological innovation and nowadays still invests almost 20% of its turnover in innovation and cutting-edge technology.

The Portuguese Mold Industry invoiced more than 794 million Euros in 2017, of which 675 million were for export. Until the accession of the European Union, the main market was the United States and Canada. Nowadays a large part of the export is destined to Community countries, having that market a quota superior to 65% of the sales.

Currently the automotive sector is the one with more weight in the purchase of Portuguese molds. The reputation of the Portuguese molds based on Quality, Innovation and Technological Investment has helped to overcome the difficulties raised by new competitors, namely China. Also our industry has been able to gradually adapt prices and deadlines to the new market reality.

Our Methodology

    • We provide detailed quotes with the characteristics of the mold;

    • After the order, we immediately start the preliminary mold design;

    • We send the preliminary to the customer to comment and approve;

    • After approval we order the steel;

    • We finished the mold design;

    • We send for approval, so that we can begin the manufacture of the mold;

    • We start the machining of the mold;

    • We regularly submit photos and progress Reports updated;

    • We request the shipment of plastic material for testing;

    • We test with similar machines to the Client;

    • We send the pieces for the customer to validate;

    • We perform the dimensional control of the pieces to validate the dimensions;

    • After the client approves the pieces we send the mold to the customer;

Quality Policy

Matias – Indústria Moldes e Plásticos LDA agrees to implement and develop a Quality Policy following the ISO 9001:2015 standard requirements and continuously improve the QMS.

We seek to:

Therefore the Quality Management System aims to evaluate, improve and adjust the company’s processes with a continuous and adequate approach to our clients, employees, and partners.